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Hicham @ Dec 19, 2015
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Sebastian @ Dec 19, 2015
JabberFreeSwitchAsteriskThe game isn't over yet.and you forget about the coommn API that ALL VoIP solutions have.it's the PSTN.There is nothing stopping you writing your system in whatever and just having it listen to a regular phone number with a bit of hardware from digium or whoever.(and you'll have a much wider audience as well .. 5 billion phones vs 5 million skype users)
Urvashi @ Dec 18, 2015
We stumbled over here cmonig from a different web page and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i'm following you. Look forward to exploring your web page again.
Syarif @ Dec 18, 2015
Yay!! First visitor! LOLZI\'m ealsiy pleased, huh?! HehehGreat book list Deb. I know you\'ll whizz through them, you\'re so organised. Me? I\'m still working my way down my TBR 2007 challenge list, lol.However, 2008 is a new year so I might just sign up this year too. I didn\'t make it through my list of 25 for 2007 but I could probably manage 12 this year. I\'ve got 1 under my belt already. Wonders will never cease!AND, I may even set up a book-blog too because I\'m a copycat with monkey-see-monkey-do tendancies, hahahaha.
Randi @ Aug 28, 2013
That\'s a subtle way of thnnikig about it.
Cammie @ Aug 26, 2013
I absolutely LOVE this site! Dr. Shapouri, how f..ing genius!

I doubt if many know what shapouri means thou.
al @ Sep 19, 2010
hahaha I cant believe how funny this site is, Im telling my friends, best medical practise advert ever..
Omid @ Nov 28, 2009