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Molinaromr @ Jan 5, 2017
am amazed how so many of his gecpolitioal predictions came true. He foresaw that his departure will bring civil war to Iran, which it did and Kurdistan, Baluchistan and Turkemans fought hard to separate. Another one of his predictions was that Mugabe will destroy Zimbabwe. Or he told us all that if the US leaves Iran to the mercy of Mullahs, no one would ever consider the US primacy in the world as a reliable source of alliance and partnership and I think this is exactly what we saw in 1990s and currently in yr 2009. I think he was a visionary alright. http://lttmclegd.com [url=http://afvtnxno.com]afvtnxno[/url] [link=http://qfqfsx.com]qfqfsx[/link]
Horison @ Dec 20, 2015
Seriously, I don't imagine that the Egyptian mrtaliiy is itching for that fight. Being an Egyptian mrtaliiy officer for the last thirty years has been a pretty good gig. They live extremely well, relative to the rest of the country. The Egyptian mrtaliiy has its own for-profit industries and they are mainly very profitable, with the officers sharing in the profits.Damn few of them are going to want to upset that applecart by actually going to get shot at.Open question is how good are the Israelis. It's been nearly 40 years since they had to last fight a heavily-armed and mobile opponent and the Egyptians came uncomfortably close to kicking their asses in `73. The IDF has spent most of their time since chasing guys with AKs and RPGs.I'd bet on the IDF, though. http://ucesnsdlnww.com [url=http://lpmyvtcbzlr.com]lpmyvtcbzlr[/url] [link=http://sspnof.com]sspnof[/link]
Juliana @ Dec 20, 2015
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Dash @ Dec 19, 2015
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Janeth @ Dec 19, 2015
Do you have more great arceltis like this one?
Jama @ Dec 18, 2015
Yep..Sure sucks how people tend to genarelize, and bring in and out whatever and whoever suits the situation and their objectives! we can never be too surprised about anything nowadays hahaha petrol, oil one big headache alrightthanks for the insight and btw, dont think too much of these things they're nothing but serious headache and heartache too perhaps VA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait...VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)
Lorran @ Dec 18, 2015
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Bonny @ Aug 28, 2013
that the minute the pelpoe feel tangible elements of support from the outside for the deomocratic movement, the pelpoe will be heartened and things will start to change.He said that it\'s imperative that the west support the striking workers.And he spoke about the use of sanctions. That if they are used as part of an overall plan to weaken and get rid of the regime, the pelpoe will accept them. But they will not accept sanctions that make the pelpoe suffer and leave the regime intact.I really think it\'s the best I\'ve heard him.
Jurandira @ Aug 26, 2013
Again, RP was 17 when he left Iran .he was 19 when he lost his father. If you are suegtsging that ones policy choices are transfered through DNA then RP is doomed. I do not believe in such inevitability. My parents are very right wing and I am very left wing. Does that confuse you?During the time of the late Shah there was much that was wrong .there was much that was right. On the wrong side was lack of total freedom of speech .but let us remember that according to Amnesty Inter\'l during the 36 year reign of the Shah less than 400 people were executed for political crimes including espionage (for which we still execute people in the US) .remember the Shah pardoned the people who attempted to assassinate him, Khomeini killed the driver who drove him to the airport so far, this year alone, the regime has ADMITTED to executing in excess of 120 people. What was right was women had extensive rights they do not have today and even symbolically much to the disgust of the clergy the Queen was in line for the throne as Regent. A woman. The Shah took land away from the bastard clergy and gave it to the people who worked the land.I am not an apologist for the previous government .but I do know those days were better than these days by far .and I have spent time with Iran\'s young refugees in Iraq and Turkey and none of them are saying Death to the Shah or whining about 32 years ago or bad mouthing RP they hate this regime in fact my friend they are actively looking for people like you. They say no one in Iran admits to saying Marg bar Shah .Khomeinii Imam Their joke is as far as we know only 3 Palestinians were chanting Marg bar Shah lolAs for denouncing his father\'s actions and policies .READ what he has written.I would personally recommend to him not to renounce unless he can get credit for the unprecedented growth in Iran\'s economy, literacy rate, improvements in maternal and child health, diversification of land ownership, the national electrical grid, the university system, the hundreds of thousands of low income families whose children were sent to American and European Universities etc. etc.Facts and cognitive dissonance are a bitch.As far as having zero credibility to talk about freedom .well, you just confuse me here I am applauding the Libyan Ambassadors leaving their posts in protests .and calling on Iran\'s diplomats to do the same Here you are saying the ONLY opposition leader who did NOT collaborate with this regime, who does not have blood on his hands, who did not serve the vicious mullahs of Iran who made a deal with NO ONE (your unsubstantiated rumors not withstanding) is disqualified to speak about freedom. Without reading anything he has written (clearly).So tell me who your father is and I will better understand why you are so bitter and why YOU don\'t believe in RP\'s democratic right to speak and the Iranian\'s right to choose and not to be stuck in the sad year 1978.
Sumonkadir @ Aug 25, 2013
خیلی عالی بود . من موندم منطق این شاه دوست ها چیه ؟ زیر یک فیلمی تو یوتوب با یک شاه دوست تو کامنت ها دعوام شد و خلاصه اون هی می گفت دوران شاه ال بود بل بود . منم هزار تا دلیل منطقی اوردم که : برادر من شاه هم خیلی هارو کشت در جامعه ی جهانی تمام ویژگی های یک دیکتاتورو داشت . خلاصه کم اورد آخرش به شاه فحش داد و گفت کی گفته من شاهددوستم : کی‌ گفت من شاه دوستم ؟ شاه مرد ، اوستخونشم پوسید رفت پی کارش..بازم این فیلم ها بزارید با تشکر
arsalan @ Sep 2, 2012
embox @ Feb 1, 2012
This is some words about the glory of pahlavi for those who still asleep. I have seen class differences and unjustice, and my sisters used to help children in misspreviliged suburbs of Tehran, who had to ask the teacher not tick their homework with pens, letting them earasing same page on and on writing in it.She used to ask me and my friend who were  in a better shoes to give her our half used colouring pens for her tonpass them on. I was not suprized when 1979 happened we were and still swimming in oil and our people had not the minimum degree of social security. Same year my sister was invited to a int stud camp invested milions by Shah ans she told me how much food were over, wasted and thrown away just to show the world what a "progressive" country we were. You can not imagine when I was in LA how many promonarchist I met who insisted to close their eyes over all these, rejecting my claims as pure myths.
tagin @ Nov 13, 2011
dorood bar shahzadeh reza pahlavi va khandane por eftekharash
azad @ Aug 20, 2011
تنها کسی که همتون مثل سگ ازش می ترسید همین رضا پهلویه. مردم درست یا غلط دارن به زمانی که پدرش رو کار بود فکر می کنن و حسرت می خورن. طبیعیه که تلاشتون رو بکنید که خرابش کنید. البته این تخصصتونه ولی...
kmh @ Aug 20, 2011
behtar bod merci
anonymous @ May 24, 2011